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"If you want to understand the mysteries of the universe,

you must begin to think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration." 

— Nikola Telsa


ShaktiMama™ Prenatal Flow 


On the road? Away from home? Take us with you! 

Download Shakti Vinyasa classes & Workshops here: features instructional full  length videos and workshops taught by Shakti founder  and "Spirit Manager" aka Principal instructor, Ieshia Ali. Some are recorded on site others on location. For the cost of one class, this site offers you UNLIMITED access to your purchase giving you the opportunity to review and experience the transformation as frequently as you like! Downloads are compatible to most televisions, computers and hand held devices.

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Early morning BootCamp fun w/Clarence Duhart



Need an early am 'Jump Start" to compliment your pm Yoga/Pilates practice?

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 High Performance Training: the most effective high-intensity training program in the DC/MD area,pushing people to peak fitness desires.




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We don’t Heat the room

We create Heat from within 


Vinyasa Flow* Pilates* Prenatal & Post Natal* Kids & Family Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Fusion Movement* Reiki* Chair Massage* Naturopath Services


 Yoga = Union

Mind\ Body\ Spirit


A consistent practice of Yoga yields balance via unification of the Mind, Body & Spirit!


At Shakti we employ yoga and other holistic therapies and modalities to restore and maintain the vibrant energy that makes us Human. We aim to reinforce the pulse of energy that is our Life Force also known as Prana. Shakti "spirit managers" and instructors intuitively weave various flavors of Hatha Yoga tradition creating unique Vinyasa flow experiences in each class.

Our studio is a quaint boutique and classes are kept small to ensure proper attention to alignment and a safe practice, yet each client is encouraged to explore and develop their personal practice while benefiting from a personal touch   

 Coming in December.... 


Womb Wellness 103: Birthing Your Sacred Work(Yoni)


This dynamic workshop is packed with valuable and relevant tips and knowledge about the seat of creation

the 2nd Chakra!

Presented by Dr. Jennifer Dixon-Craven, Phd


*Feel it time to get on top of your Reproductive Health

*Seeking Womb toning Yoga postures (pre & post natal)

*You want to conceive a baby

*You have fibroids, cysts, or tumors

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